How to successfully prepare to win lucrative contracts with the government.

Solicitation Mining

Utilizing government websites we set-up "solicitation mining" so you know about government opportunities for your company's services.


Get your advantage, get certified so you are eligible for special government set-asides to win government contracts.


We get you registered on the best government websites so you are ready to seek government business.


We review your business to discuss your current successes and future plans.

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Computer & Cloud Support

With over 20 years of computer experience Richard and team help us keep our computers up and running so my business continues functioning.  We have become very dependent on computers and their Preventive Maintenance approach works for us; keeps problems from popping up.


We meet with you to understand what you do and how you do it; learning what your firm’s services are and areas of success  Determine potential set-aside programs you may be eligible for; significantly increasing your potential to win.  Decide which certifications your firm may benefit to help you win!

Doing Business With the Government

We help you to succeed in doing business with the government, guiding you through the maze making it easier for you to prepare your company to win government contracts.  With Yutzil Consulting you can take advantage of the ever increasing amount of contracts that are awarded; local, regional, state and

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